Oscar Wirz – Quality Assurance

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C# Developer – 7minds, Oct 2019 – Dec 2019

Developed a small prototype for a game version of an online learning platform, using Unity to design a 3D office environment, pulling data from an API to populate the office with questions and information allowing a course taker to simulate learning in a “real” environment.

Web Developer – 7minds, Aug 2019

Assisted in the development of a prototype for editing and publishing content, using the MVC framework, alongside a senior developer. Later developed another small prototype in EPiserver for managing a database and displaying/filtering results, as well as automatically populating the database via API calls.

QA Intern – Starbreeze Studios, Oct 2018 – May 2019

Worked in a team of around 5 people on various Starbreeze projects, including PC, console, VR and mobile games. Worked on several different projects in various stages of development, including pre-production, post-launch, active development and maintenance. Primarily worked with JIRA to report, track and regression test issues.

Also worked during, and experienced, a reconstruction period.


Level Designer/QA – Futuregames, Q2 2017

Hook and Throw

Worked to design and create levels for a co-op game alongside a team of graphical artists and programmers. I was responsible for the general layout and the environmental design as well as the puzzles and challenges within. I was also performing testing on all aspects of the game and provided and gathered feedback on nearly all game elements.


Level Designer/Gameplay Scripter/QA – Futuregames, Q1 2017

SecTech Employment Trials

During my work on this project, I was primarily responsible for the design of the puzzles and encounters in the game. Most notably, I created a system to implement a procedural puzzle generation system. I also aided in other system programming and more prominently was responsible for testing of gameplay and difficulty.


Gameplay Scripter/QA – Futuregames, Q3 2016

Moo-ve It!

Assisted in the programming of core features, as well as initial prototyping and design. Later stages of the project saw me shifting into a playtesting role where I performed multiple daily tests to ensure proper implementation, game balance and feedback. I worked closely with both graphical artists and designers to communicate feedback and test solutions.

Gameplay Scripter/Lead Designer – Klara Södra, Q1 – Q2 2016

Funky Witch

Worked alongside two others in Unreal Engine to create a side-scrolling arcade game. I was among other things responsible for the overall design vision and execution, including designing and programming the game’s core features as well as being responsible for implementation of assets and mechanics. I was also responsible for the creation of sound assets and the game pitch.



Game Design, Futuregames, Stockholm, 2016-2019

2 year long vocational education with courses held by industry veterans, including but not limited to DICE, Paradox and King. I have participated in three major game projects as well as several minor design assignments and group activities and game jams. Included a 30-week internship period.


Game Design, Klara Södra Gymnasium, Stockholm, 2013-2016

Three year long high school education during which I studied game design and participated in a number of student projects. Extracurricular courses in Mathematics and English. Examples of courses include: Digital Creativity, Web Development, Programming, Game Design and Computer Science.



  • Scrum
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Office
  • JIRA
  • Programming Languages
    • C++/C# – Moderate knowledge
    • JavaScript – Basic knowledge
    • HTML5/CSS – Moderate knowledge
    • MVC and ASP.NET – Basic knowledge



  • Swedish – Native language, fluent.
  • English – Fluent at a C2 level with a CAE Certificate.