Web Novel – Solstice

Read Solstice here!

Solstice is a labor of love. An ongoing story I’m writing on whenever I have time over. It’s been a work in progress for several years but it wasn’t until last year I made the push to start publishing my work progress. Apart from being the repository for the story chapters I write, it’s also a blog for me to keep up with readers and keep them up to date on what I’m doing. I write under the pen-name Rael Dawn, as that’s the name I go by online.

The story is currently up to 11 chapters, each roughly 20 pages for a total of over 200 pages of written content! Head on over to the website to learn more, and don’t hesitate to give feedback. If you’re interesting in my writing, this is the place to look! The older chapters are, well, older, so if you’re looking at a snapshot of my current writing, look into chapter 9 and beyond.